Customer Testimonials

Just a handful of feedback we recently received from some of our customers.


"I wanted to thank you for the speed with which you could provide me with my order and for the careful packing. You managed to achieve an emulsion which is undoubtedly by far the best substrate with which I worked. Whether in reflection or transmission, the quality of images that I got is really surprising: No diffusion, no noise, a feeling of clarity, brightness, and high transparency. Bravo!"

Pascal GAUCHET, Atelier Holographique de Paris


"We have used Yves' plates for both reflection and transmission holographic optical elements (HOEs). The material has several notable qualities:
 -It is easy to use - no hyper-sensitisation or other pre-exposure treatment is needed and the processing is simple - just develop and bleach.

-The coating is even and robust, which means the results are cosmetically clean and the plates can be dried easily without fear of  scratches or other marks.

- But what is most impressive is the outstanding diffraction efficiency and exceedingly low scatter.

We have worked with many holographic materials over the last 30 years and without doubt these plates not only give the best results but are also the easiest to work with.
Tips for the user - follow the instructions, no need to try your own  developer (use Yves' one) give the correct exposure and develop exactly according to the instructions. It is important to keep the unexposed plates in a fridge!
The Ultimate emulsion is a remarkable achievement. We concur with  Pascal Gauchet - Bravo!"
David TRAYNER & Edwina ORR, Richmond Holographic Research & Development Ltd. London.